Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letters From Home Greeting Card Box Organzier

Purchase this month's Designer collaboration - Letters From Home and get this gorgeous Greeting Card Box Organizer FREE. You will receive two design options with your organizer. Just think never forget a birthday again or be late sending out your cards. This organizer is greet, you have a index style card that you can put all your birthdays on it for the month and behind it store your cards. How much easier can it be.
Included in the collaboration kit are already some card fronts that all you have to do is fold a nice piece of card stock in half and glue it to the front. Easy Peasy Simple as Pie LOL don't know what about pie is simple but I do know this organizer is simple to construct and very versatile.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Our forum is still down unfortunately there is a problem with one of our mods. Our akismet spam protection, the system is telling that the files are upgraded to 1.1.6 but the database is not, Stan White has been working so hard trying to get this problem resolved and is not having much luck. He is going to check on a couple forums today for a solution, we just have be a little more patient and hopefully someone will know how to fix it. With out the spam protection, just the two days the forum was up I had 45 spam registers to the forum, we need this mod.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Moo Two Forum

The Moo Two Forum is down and not sure when it will be back up. While doing an update of the forum, Stan ran across a problem and is trying resolve the issue. So just be patience and it will be back up before you know it. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brand New Designs Collaboration

check out our newest collaboration kit, the designers have really out did themselves on this kit. Not only do you get scrapbooking supplies but printable stationary, cards and envelopes. It's a really awesome kit. Be sure to check out the gorgeous layouts by our creative team under the collaboration picture.

 First 2 layouts by Loobyloo, 2nd 2 layouts by Teenybop61 and the last 2 layouts by Kimberz
come check out more of their layouts in the Moo Two Gallery. GORGEOUS Ladies.