Monday, October 29, 2012

Please Excuse Our Dust!!

Hi there all!! Hope you are having a tremendous good time getting ready for Halloween. We here at Moo Two Designs are having a bit of a clean out and just in case you did not know the Store will be shut on the 30th of October for maintenance. But we will be spick and span and up and running on November the 1st though and ready with our doors open wide for you all to come and get your Halloween goodies!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Oh I knows whilst the store is down you can come and join us in the forums for some awesome challenges and fun stuff!!

Moo Two Designs Forum

Our wonderful designing duo is having an awesome Harvest Sale at the moment and when the store is back up you can go and shop the This Be Me Scraps store for a short time and purchase anything there for $1.99. The sale is on from October the 21st to November the 3rd. Plenty of time to go and check out their amazing kits and awesome commercial use stuff!

This Be Me Scraps

Thanks soo much for being with us. I have not blogged for a while because of health issues but I am back and at em ready to go. Here is a funny for you-

 A man is rushing to a hospital from a business trip because his wife has just gone into labor with twins, and there is a family tradition that the first family member to arrive gets to name the children. The man is afraid his idiot brother will show up first and give his kids horrible names. When he finally arrives at the hospital in a cold sweat he sees his brother sitting in the waiting room, waiving, with a big dumb grin on his face. He walks unhappily in to see his wife who is scowling and holding two little babies, a boy and a girl. Almost afraid to hear it, the man asks, "What did he name the girl?" "Denise" says the wife. "Hey that's not too bad! What did he name the boy?" "De-nephew."

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. I will be back later with some new stuff and some news of course. Til then please keep you and your family safe and sound. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gosh wow This is HOT!!

LOL..LOL...It is Hot here and I am hybernating in the air conditioning! Woweee we are going to have a scorcher of a summer. I was thinking what better way to spend my time than under the fan (going full bore) with the air con on, sipping an iced berocca and playing with the awesome challenges here at Moo Two Designs on the farm! (Hmm wondering what to cook for tea and also have for lunch ROFL).

Okays enough of that nonsense and back to business. Here at Moo Two Designs we have some amazingly fun challenges and some great prizes of course. So Moo Two is the place to be for some fun on the internet anytime of the year be it shivvering in your boots or sweltering in the heat! So come join us for a snippet of what you can find on the farm at Moo Two Designs.

 Moo Two Designs Forum

Moo Two Designs Challenges

Bingo on the Farm

One of the most funnest things to do is play Bingo and we at the farm pride ourselves in having one of the best Bingo moderators on the planet! Our esteemed leader Oase of Panda Bear Designs hosts our fun Bingo each month.

This is Octobers fun game.

Since our collaboration this month is all about Sweets, why not have a very sweet game of Bingo  Grin
You have till Oct 7th to get me your Bingo card or list of words. PM them me or post your Bingo card here in the forum - Bingo Gallery Folder

You need to fill your card and a participation prize will be given out to all who participate.
Here are you words to choose from.

candy bars     licorice    candy corns    marshmallows   lollipops       gum drops    gum     atomic fireballs
lemon heads   nerds     chocolates       caramel apples  smarties      gummies     M&Ms   candy buttons
candy canes   twix       sweet hearts   rock candy        dum dums    war heads    Pez       gobstoppers
life savers      jolly ranchers   sugar daddy   whoppers   tootsie rolls   sour patch kids   mary janes
caramel creams  mallo cups  cinnamon candies  milk duds  peanut butter cups  rolos  whoppers   cadbury
wax lips    soda caps    candy necklace   pop rocks    taffy    circus peanuts   cotton candy   Pixy Sticks   runts
cow tails   wax bottles

Good Luck and have fun.

Sugar Rush in the Store

Here is an example of a really cool Bingo Card made by our Ayla-

 OOOOOh here is something that is heaps fun this month!! The Barnyards Around the World Challenge!!
Join us in our Virtual travels to other farms (places) around the world. See and learn about animals you have never heard about. Find out about all sorts of weird and wonderful facts. Join us for a challenge travel extravaganza that most only dream about!!  This awesome challenge is hosted by the lovely Tina and I promise you will have fun with this one. Here is what it is about this month-

Wow I can't believe it is October. I had grand ideas of finishing my challenge LO's for September and then all of a sudden the month was gone. Well hopefully I can do better this month. Anyway, I was thinking about candy, {if you have seen the preview for the collab this month you might know why.} LOL Ok to be serious, I want you to think about candy. It could be your favorite kind, it could be candy you make (a favorite recipe), it could be about a candy company you have visited or in my case would like to visit. I would love to visit Hershey Pennsylvania and take my nephew, or go to the jelly belly factory. There is a candy store in Anchorage that you can watch them making chocolates and they have a chocolate fountain.

here are some sites that might inspire you
top 10 chocolate destinations:
candy factory tours:

have fun, can't wait to see what you come up with, although I am gaining a few pounds just typing this, (ha ha). 
Here is a fabo page done by our wonderful Katlen of KatLens Kreations!!

Okays I will be back with some more goodies. Until next time please keep safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SALEing Away!!!! with This Be Me Scraps

Woweee do we have the SALE for you!! Our amazing designing duo is having another fantastic sale here at Moo Two Designs. This Be Me Scraps has the most fabulous mix of kits and commercial use stuff I have ever clapped my eyes on and everything in their store is only $1.99 from October the 21st to the 3rd of November. Now is your chance to gather together some beautiful product for your Christmas projects, for designing amazing kits or just because you can!! Come on in and see for youself!!

Moo Two Designs Store

This Be Me Scraps Store

Next time I blog I will be blogging about some of our fantastic challenges in the forum. So come visit us again for some amazing pages from our funnest challenges here on the farm at Moo Two Designs. Until then please keep yourself and your family safe and sound. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Monday, October 15, 2012

Come and Join Us!!

Wow has it been that long!! Sheeeeeeeeeeesh time is going sooo fast it will be Christmas! Speaking of Christmas now is the time to start thinking about that awesome Hybrid Project you want to do. Perhaps a calendar, some hand made personalised cards, some gift bags. The possibilities are endless and also soo much fun to make!! Here at Moo Two Designs we have just the thing for you!! Check out some of the awesome stuff our Designers have in store-

Moo Two Designs Store

12 Days of Christmas Card Making Pack

Robin's Vintage Skater Christmas Gift Bag

Seasons of Our Lives Calendar Collaboration

Okays that is just a small taste as just about everyone at our store has an awesome Christmas kit or 2 or 3 All sorts of variety to satisfy almost everybody out there!! Tis certainly worth a browse or two! Oh and don't forget Commercial Use products too. We have plenty of those as well!

Christmas Category at Moo Two Designs

Last but not least we are always looking out for new Creative Team members and would love you to join us here on the farm for some awesome scrapping fun. Don't forget too that if you are a Designer and would love to join us as well. Come on in and drop by the barn. You never know you might love it soo much you will jump right in and join us here at Moo Two Designs where the digi scrapping fun never ends! We promise no Mad Cows Disease but perhaps the occasional hoof in mouth!! ROFL!!

Creative Team Information

Designer Team Information

Okays guys!! Thanks heaps for sticking around and reading this!! Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sound until next time! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mama T New Stuff!!

Oh I don't mean to be depressing or anything but heck I wish there was a cure for cancer. I have had a few friends and family who have battled and lost to cancer and I am getting heartily sick of it. Mind you though it makes you appreciate everything in this life more but it is a horrible thing that is for sure. So my thoughts and prayers to all of you out there who have been touched or are touched by cancer in some way. May there be little suffering and pain and that heaven is all you wished it to be and more!!

Anyways sorrry about the blurb above I just had to get that off my chest. So here I am today and I have a new designer who has the most amazing stuff in store for you. I am soo excited to share with you her lovely designs. MamaT is one talented designer and we are soo blessed and happy to have her aboard here at Moo Two Designs. So wait no longer here is her newest stuff!

Moo Two Designs Store

Moo Two Designs New Products

MamaT Designs Store

Trick or Treat

Oooooooooooh I love this just had to slot it in here!! MamaT has the bestest rymes going on!

Spooky bats and a scary pumpkin 
Yes its true Halloweens a comin
A ghost that says BOO
You know I got that too
One scary cat
skinny not fat
Its truly a Kit to remember
                                                  Hurry and get yours before November

Please note that this kit also comes in Tagger Size!

Trick or Treat Glitter Sheets

Blinkie and Banner Service

Blinkie Banner and Layout Service

Frank CU  Template PSP and PSD

Wooooooooooo hoooooooo there are sooooooo many cool things in store for you at Moo Two Designs I cannot begin to tell you!! You must go and have a bo peep yourself to enjoy the variety and just plain awesomeness of our stuff.  I will be back with a few more new things. Until then please keep safe and well!!
Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some New Stuff!! Woo Hoo!!

Howdy there folks! I hope you are having yourself a fantastic weekend. We did! I went to garage sales on saturday morning and picked meself up some awesome bargains. Then I had a girly day and our hair cuts and coloured by a very good friend who is an absolute whiz at hairdressing. Now my hair is purple, black and red!! ROFL!!

Anyways now down to business. We are soo proud of our designers here at Moo Two Designs and we have some new designers that are out of this world. Well not really they are here at Moo Two Designs!! Let me introduce the lovely Kara of  K-Joi Studios and MamaT Designs. We are soooo honoured you gals could come and join our happy little family here on the farm. These awesome designers have been merrily filling their stores with brand spanking new stuff for you all and I am soo glad to be blogging about them both today and tomorrow. Today it is Kara's turn and I am sooooooo excited to be exploring here wonerful work with you all. So for no further to do lets go!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Moo Two Designs New Products

K-Joi Studios

Mixed Media Vol 1 Commercial Use

Joi of the Arts Scrap Kit

Book 'Em Vol 1 Commercial Use Overlays and Papers

By the Sea Scrap Kit

A Birdie Told Me Mini Scrap Kit

All of these wonderful products can be found at Moo Two Designs. Remember just click on the linkies before each Kit to go and have a closer look at the detail and just plain awesomeness of these designs. Tomorrow I will be back with some more new stuff from MamaT one of new designers and some new stuff also from some of our favourite designers here at Moo Two. Until then please keep yourself and your family safe and sound. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Featured Designer!

The Featured Designer for this first half of the month is none other than our Robin's Printables. There are some amazing offers in her store click on the link below and check it out!! Robin's Printables is where digital scrapbooking meets practicality. Robin's designs are soo awesome they are useable. It is what we call Hybrid Scrapbooking and Robin is one of the best in the field. There is boxes you can make, gifts of all kinds, stationery, t-shirt designs, candy and cupcake wrappers just to name a few. There is also the odd digital scrapbooking kit all of which have Robin's Printables distinct vintage style. When you make some of  Robin's gorgeous hybrid designs people will be oooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaahing and asking you where you got them from!! So no time is like the present click on her store link and buy yourself some amazing hybrid designs.

Moo Two Designs Store

Robin's Printables Store

Special Offers On Sale from the 1st to the 15th of October

Robin's Trick or Treat Scrap Set

Little TOT from a Vintage Halloween card, all ready to go to scrap your trick-or-treaters. Contains 11 papers (12x12), textured vintage graphics, matching alpha sets and overlays. Now 56% off  to a tiny $2.00 perfect for up and coming Halloween!!

Robin's Printables Composition Notebook Scrap Set

Large Scrap Set includes 12x12 papers, books, ruler, buttons, brads, eyelets, staples, apple applique and ribbon, mats, frame, chicken wire overlay. Also 5 styles of alpha-numeric sets w/symbols. Great for back to school scrapping. A set you will turn to time to time for all the extras! Again this set is a special offer at $2.00 for the lot only for a limited time though!!

Thanks soo much for reading this!! I will be back with a tonne of new stuff from our store here at Moo Two Designs!! Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooo cannot wait!! Until then please keep yourself and your family safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Long Weekend!!

Hello there me lovelies!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We did! It was the last long one for the year and as it rained most of the time we took it easy and just watched t.v. and pottered around. It was fantastic to spend some time with the hubby as he works very long hours. He is gone to work before I get up and home well after dark. I miss him very much. If it weren't for the kitties and dawg and my wonderful friends here on the nett and in real life I would be a very lonely wifey (as he puts it). But here I am typing you up a new blog post and explaining why I have been a bit slack.

I am also hoping to get some mojo going and get some new things designed for you guys. It is exciting at the moment I have 2 CU packs done and hope to do at least 2 more not to mention 7 more kits in the next 4 weeks. Wowweeeeeeeee I am exhasted just thinking about it!! But it is all good!! Oh that reminds me the store may be down for small periods of time in the future weeks. Please excuse our dust as we do renovations on our store!! Thanks heaps!!

Okays now down to the exciting stuff. Our new monthly collab is out there and I am jumping up and down in my poor computer chair (good thing it is nice and sturdy to take my considerable weight) with utter glee. This one will bring a smile to anyones dial. Let me introduce Sugar Rush to you!!

OOOOOOOh yummy, sticky, sweet is our Sugar Rush kit. This month the designers have got their hands sticky with yummy goodness to bring to you Sugar Rush. This massive kit is chock full of sugary sweet goodness with 124 elements and 61 awesome papers. Sugar Rush has everything you need for birthday photo's, halloween treatin', easter, christmas and baking. These are just a few of the themes that this lip smackin' kit could be used for. I can just smell the yumminess oooozing out of every paper and element in this kit and it is a joy to behold.  It brings back heaps of memories where we would purchase those pink and white false teeth lollies and make hilarious faces with them, slurp on sherbert, suck on a lollypop and break our teeth on all day suckers. Sugar Rush is just the thing to soothe that sweet tooth craving!!

 Many thanks to these wonderful designers for their contribution-

Mizfit Mania
This Be Me Scraps
Happy Scrap Arts
KatLen Kreations
LightningBug Creations
Lizard Dau Designs
Panda Bear Designs
AJ's Random Scraps

Click on the above linkies and see more awesome designs from these talented designers!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Sugar Rush

Here are some amazing pages done by nelleke from our awesome Creative Team!! Don't worry guys I will be posting more later!!



Sweet Thing

I will be back with many more amazing pages made with this months beautiful and delicious kit called Sugar Rush!! Be sure to click on the linkie above to go check her out!! Just $6.00 for the month of October!

Now that may be enough for today!! I have heaps of things to share with you so I will promise to be back tomorrow to blurb it all out!! LOL! In the meantime please keep you and yours safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs