Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Days and Exciting News!!

Hello there me lovelies! Sorry it has been a few days between posts but I have been snowed under with end of month stuff. End of month seems to be my busiest time with qcing, designing for collabs and making previews and all at the same time. I seem to get things done that is if real life does not poke its nose where it is not wanted. SWAT SWAT!!

I have been having computer problems. I had to wipe the memory of the PC which of course did not hurt too much cause I had backed up on the external hard drive but then would you know it? The darned thing with the help of my gorgeous sweet kitty did a nose dive into the floor off the top of the pc!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Here is a page I made with next months amazing collaboration by our fantastico designers!! Of course I used my stuff to make this page. Here is a sneak peak and don't tell Oase I showed you!! LOL..LOL..LOL

Oh now that reminds me!! Our current collab Level Up is going off sale very soon! So there are only a few days left to grab Level Up at the bargain price of only $6.00.

Moo Two Designs Store

Level Up Designer Gamer Collaboration

Here is an amazing page by our esteemed Creative Team Leader Tina called Card Sharks!! This shows just how versatile Level Up is when scrapping your wonderful memories. I can see it being used for electronic gamess, retro stuff that we used to play as kids, card games, bingo, board games, fantasy type games, platform games oh and don't forget the munchies too like burgers, hot dogs and other fun stuff to eat. So grab this wonderful collab and get yourself a Level Up!!

Card Sharks

Oh and last but not least we have a new designer!! Wooooooooooo Hooooooooo so in the coming weeks I hope to have some brand new stuff to share from you from a wonderful lady called Kara of  K-joi Studios.
In the meantime please keep yourself and your family safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Alert!! Alert!! New Stuff in Store NOW!!

Wow gosh gollee!! There is sooo much new stuff at the Moo Two Designs store at the moment I might even have to break this into two posts one today one tomorrow. I am soo excited about this!! Every time I click on the new stuff at Moo Two Designs it is just like christmas with a surprise around every corner! So I will make you wait no longer. Here is the new stuff here at Moo Two Designs-

Moo Two Designs Store

New Products

Happy Scrap Arts

In the Mountains

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Fruits

Mizfit Mania

Miss You

This Be Me Scraps

CU Treehouse

CU Old Shoe Houses

CU Eyelet

CU Wicker Garden Furniture

Robin's Printables

Robin's Trick or Treat Scrap Set

Thanks for reading this!! I hope you enjoy all of the eyecandy we have for you today! I soo love seeing all of the new stuff our designers have to offer. It is like opening up a bunch of plain paper bags to find something bright new and fun!! Until next time please keep yourself and your family safe and sound!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Challenges are HOT at MOO TWO!!

Hi there I am back again with a tonne of great stuff happening here at Moo Two Designs. We are going to be having some work done on our store soon so please excuse the dust if you get any and come back when we are bright and sparkling new. All of the back end work is being done so that your shopping experience here at Moo Two Designs is the best we can offer. So please be patient with us whilst the store is being worked on!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Now here is our hopping challenges. They are soo much fun and woweeeee the prizes are just amazing!!

Moo Two Designs Forum

As we have heaps to chose from I have just selected a few to highlight today!!

Holiday Hoedown

A different holiday theme each month...come join our hoedown and celebrate life's fun events.


Funny Hats



 Paint the Barn

 Come join us as we paint the barn red (and other colors). This colorful challenge will inspire you!!!

Designs by Chris Allport

Now onto some very cool pages made by our most awesomest creative team gals using our lates Collab called Level Up Teen Gamer Collaboration.

Level Up Collaboration


Level Up


Wii Games

Okays guys that is enough for today. I will be back with some more exciting stuff from Moo Two Designs until then please keep safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Products and Sales

Our Featured Designer this month is KatLen of KatLen Kreations. She has a beautiful new kit in the store called Summer Afternoon. This kit is gorgeous.

Calm colors for an easy Summer Afternoon. Perfect tones for your kits year round.

kit includes
18 papers (9 plain, 5 patterned and 4 photo)
4 frames/frame clusters
6 ribbons, bows and edges
8 mats and tags
2 word art 
2 alpha sheet with caps, lower, numbers, symbols
mask, scatter and edge
7 objects

KatLen is having a 50% off sale on her store and this beautiful kit 

New Products in the store 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Apologies!!

Oh gosh wow it has just been brought to my attention that I missed one of our most valuable designers in the collab previews I have done. Huh!! I am not surprised really as my mind has gone north and south what with my aunty passing the other day and a lot of other stuff happening. Please Eileen forgive me!! I just somehow missed your lovely contribution altogether. Now don't ask me how I managed it??? I just do stupid things sometimes. So please let me introduce to you Happy Scrap Arts wonderful part of our Collab Level Up Teen Gamer Kit!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Happy Scrap Arts Store

and here is the fixed preview!!

Level Up Teen Gamer Collaboration

As I am strapped for time at the moment I will fix the linkies and also the full preview but work on the paper one when I get back from my short camping trip. So sorrry guys!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Featured Designer KatLen Kreations

I am soo excited! One of our most endearing personalities and most talented of designers is our Katlen. She is the Featured Designer for this first half of the month which means that there is going to be an awesome sale on in her store here at Moo Two Designs. In fact it is going to be stupendous because there is 50% off everything in KatLen Kreations store from the 1st of September to the 15th . Woweeeeeeeee and here is a taste of her gorgeous work!!

Moo Two Designs Store

KatLen Kreations Store

Summer Afternoon

Mud Bunnies

Game Night

Game Night Add On

Goodnight Star


There you go!! A beautiful selection of lovely Katlens kits. But remember there is plenty more where this came from and if  ya wanna know my opinion well worth a lookee at. Well guys this is it from me for a bit! See ya later then and please remember to keep safe and well!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Life Throws a Curve Ball!!

Hi there my sweeties! Life has yet again thown me a curve ball. Ever since my computer problems things have been going wrong. My aunt who lives not far from here had been struck for the second time with cancer and was admitted to the local hospital for palliative care. I have been sitting beside her bed along with other family members keeping her company and making sure she was not suffering with pain or discomfort. She gracefully passed on from this earth yesterday at about 10.00am. I am soo honoured to have known such a talented and amazing woman and my life will be forever touched by her generosity and gentleness. She is resting peacefully now in heaven and looking down upon us all!! RIP Aunty Pat!!

Anyways I just wanted to let you all know the reason why I have been MIA and also to warn you that I will be MIA for another week yet to come. We have booked I think for over a month now a camping site for a week so I will not be around for a bit more. There is no reliable reception there for internet so I cannot post!! My apologies!!

Okays now onto the most exciting collab yet!! Tis that time of month (well a little bit late) for the unveiling of a new collab. This one is bound to bring back memories of your youth and also help display memories of present day teens. The theme chosen was a Gamer theme and the designers have outdone themselves in portraying this theme in this humungous kit!You can grab this amazing kit for the low low price of $6.00 for the month of September!!

Woooooo hoooo Bang!! Pow!! Bam Bam!! Explosions and Loads of Fun!! That is what playing games on the computer or a console means for me. It means fun with family and friends and just quiet time by myself if I want. I just love the old style platform games and the shoot 'em ups. It was a huge challenge to see who could get the highest score and there were heaps of arguements about who had more time on the Commodore 64 than others did. Then there was the fun of going to the local bowling alley and playing Space Invaders on the table console or the upright machine. Spending mum and dad's hard worked for money on pressing that little button over and over again and being killed by the baddie. Here is a wonderful kit that will help you relive those memories all over again and preserve them for future generations. It is even versatile enough to cover the most recent gamers too!! So get out those computer games and get a Level Up!! You might even find some old fashioned board game paraphernalia too!

Moo Two Designs Store

Level Up

Designers Involved in the making of this funnest kit are-

Happy Scrap Arts
Panda Bear Designs
This Be Me Scraps
Mizfit Mania
KatLen Kreations
LightningBug Creations
Lizard Dau Designs
AJ's Random Scraps
MerCas Designs

 This is a whopping big kit with 1 alpha and 103 awesome elements and 59 amazing papers.

Here are some amazing pages done by our wonderful Creative Team gals!! Thank heaps sweeties you are all amazing!!

Game On Tyler by twizzle

My Gamer by twizzle

 Collaboration Gallery at Moo Two Designs

There are many more amazing pages in the gallery!! So go and check em out and leave some lovin behind!!
Thanks soo much for being soo patient with me. I will be back real soon to post some more blogs. It is just a matter of time! So until then please stay safe and sound. Oh I forgot I will be here tomorrow posting about our lovely KatLen Kreations and her amazing work. It is after that that I will not be around for while. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs