Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sheesh Things are Heating UP!!!


Wow it is almost the start of the month and that is when I get loads of stuff to show you. We have an amazing collaboration hot off the presses for you!! But I will wait until it is in the store to show you some of our amazing talent here at Moo Two Designs. I have done the preview for this kit and I am totally gobsmacked at the wonderful stuff there is to play with. I will be doing some freebies based on this new kit and I hope you like them all. First of all though you have a limited time to grab last months collab and also to attend some sales at the gals stores.

Moo Two Designs Store

Aprils Collaboration is a real hum dinger and just perfect for Mother's Day which is fast approaching us. It has both Personal Use kits and also Commercial Use kits. There is literally something for everyone here and such pretty and delightful elements and papers. A Mother's Love is a must have!! Rock on into the store and snag it now for $10.00 which is 80% off. What a bargain!! You will not be disappointed!!

A Mother's Love CU/PU Collaboration

Aida Scraps is one of our newest editions to the herd. She is wonderful and has the most cutest, amazing kits you will ever see. She is on her last days of her opening Sale. So go take a peak at Aida Scraps store to get a fantastic 50% off her whole store. This will end on May the 1st.

Aida Scraps Store

Hurry on in also to Happy Scrap Arts store. Her entire shop is also 50% off until the 30th of April. So not much time left. Happy Scrap Arts is this half of the months Featured Designer. We are soooooo happy you are with us hun!!

Happy Scrap Arts Store

Okays here we are again with another fabulous sale from our designing duo This Be Me Scraps. They will be kicking off the month with another sale celebrating another wonderful kit. This is just a little whisper in your ear. I will be back with the details very soon. So stay tuned!!

This Be Me Scraps Store

So from me to you I hope you have a safe and well weekend!! Cheers Liz

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Much Time Left Now!!

Woo Hooo it is almost time for International Digital Scrapbooking Day! We here at Moo Two are mucking out the stables and getting the gurney out and washing down the barn for an amazing SALE!! But in the meantime don't forget to rock on into the store and grab this months amazing collaboration kit called A Mother's Love. This kit is HUGE and packed full of everything you might need to scrap or creat for Mother's Day. Also A Mother's Love is both Personal Use and Commercial Use so those of us who are designers have something to add to our stash just in time for all of those amazing Mothers Day kits that need to be done!! Woooo Hooo this is something you have just gotta see for yourself. So get on in there to Moo Two Designs and snag her whilst she is on sale for a measely $10.00. The month is almost up so hurry!!

Moo Two Designs Store

A Mother's Love

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Gosh do I have a sale for you!! Our amazing designer duo is back again with a sale to celebrate another wonderful kit. You cannot be disappointed here!! This Be Me Scraps has a new kit fresh out of the making. It is called Fresh and Clean kit and is perfect for just about anything with its awesome mix of blues and yellows.
But wait don't stop there. This Be Me Scraps has also put some Commercial Use on sale. Check out the Lemon Delight Commercial Use kit a must have for any designer. These 2 awesome pieces of heart and their matching pieces will be on sale for 25% off from 22nd of April till the 28th of April. So hurry on in and snag these bargains!!

Moo Two Designs Store

This Be Me Scraps Store

Lemon Fresh and Clean Kit

"Lemon" Fresh and Clean is a really fun kit primarily blue and yellow, perfect for spring.  Lots of lemons, blue, yellow and white flowers, frames and ribbons, lights, butterflies, bees, 5 adorable Lemon Drops, a lemon tree, a white duck and 3 soft yellow ducklings, and a firefly 89 elements in all, not all shown.
"Lemon" Fresh and Clean papers are in beautiful colors of yellow and blue, lots of tiny floral prints along with the variegated papers we all love. 30 papers in all, not all shown.

"Lemon" Fresh and Clean Alpha is a Lemon Yellow jell edged in blue with tiny blue poke-a-dots - now how sweet is that. You'll find it in up and lower case with all the extras. It goes perfectly with the Fresh and Clean elements and papers and is free when you buy the page kit.
All jgeps and pngs are 300 dpi for maximum print quality.

Lemon Delight Commercial Use

Lemon Delight is a bright eyed big smiling fairy so playful and fun. She is in 8 different poses, 2 more have flowers and lemons added. There are 3 different views of a flower in png and PSD so you can color them as you like. One lemon with leaves has also been included, 16 pngs in all.
Commercial Use.

Woooo Hoooo!! Now if you have gotten this far in this post then there is a little surprise for you!! SURPRISE!! There ya go. Were you surprised??? Nah only joking. A little panda bear and her store have a wonderful Inter National Scrapbook Day in store for you. So keep an eye out for more posts and advertisements on some fabulous freebies and sales and other stuff!! I am soo excited cannot wait!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Designer Wooo Hoo!!

Greetings and big welcomes to our newest designer here down on the farm!! We are soooooo glad you decided to join us here in our little corner of the www. So without further to do I introduce to you all our very own Aida Scrap. She has some amazingly cute kits in the store and as a celebration of opening here at Moo Two Designs they are all 50% off until the 1st of May inclusive. So I reckon this is a good excuse to get those shopping fingers going and that mouse clicking at Aida Scraps wonderful new store at Moo Two Designs. Hope you like it here with us Aida!!

Moo Two Designs

Aida Scraps Store

I Chef

All About Me

Earth Day

Monday, April 16, 2012

Designer Spotlight Happy Scrap Arts

Wowwwwwwweeeee one of my fave designers is up for the Designer Spotlight for the end of this month. Happy Scrap Arts does our progressive scrap challenge in the forum and it is soooooooo much fun. You should poke your head in there and check it out!! Not to mention her kits are sooo fabulous and I am sure she is having a wonderful Sale to celebrate her designer spotlight for the end of April. In fact she is!!!!! Happy Scrap Arts is going to have a 50% off all items in her store at Moo Two Designs from 16th of April to the 30th of April. Wow that is right now so make sure you march on in to Moo Two Designs and grab some awesome kits!! Check out the new kit she has in store for you!! Introducing Every Day!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Happy Scrap Arts Store

Every Day Kit

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Designer and CT Call Right Here!!

Oh how funneee!! I was just typing the title of next months collab in the forum which is How My Garden Grows when I thought wow wish my garden was fantastic. I am not a garderner at all in fact I think I have a black thumb rather than a green one. So I thought when typing the title How My Garden Groans??? That got a chuckle out of me!!

Anyhows sweetlings down to business. Here at Moo Two Designs we pride ourself in our friendlieness and all round goodliness. We here at the farm (or some would say loony bin-nah only joking) would love to see you all at the next meeting at the hay stack (or forum).

Moo Two Designs Store

Moo Two Designs Forum

Moo Two Designs Gallery

You can use the above linkies to navigate your way round the farm (forum). Try not to get lost because that rogue goat might try to butt you!! If you are a designer and looking for a new home please consider us! You can see the application button on the front page of the store and also for the Creative Team as well. Us animals here are soo looking forward to meeting you all!! So come on down to the farm for some fresh air (slightly scented by cow dung mixed with hay) and join us for some fun fun fun!

Oh don't forget we are now on Facebook and would love to see you there as well. Probably minus the cow dung and hay scent but plus with all the fun!! So why not join us there too or pop in and hit the like button. There is much to like in our store and our forum with such great people and fun challenges to be had by all.

Moo Two Designs on Facebook

Oh oh I must not forget too that we have advertising for a small wee price in our forums. Just join us and drop a note in the forum somewhere and we will get right back to you!! I advertise there and it is fantastic to see my banner blinking away in front of me!! So come on in- I promise I will muck out the stable for you!!

Thanks soo much for reading this. I will be back with some more new exciting stuff and some sales as well!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wooooooooo Hooooo New Stuff!!

We hope you all had a fantastic easter weekend. It was all toooooooo short I think!! I would love an Easter Public Holiday that lasted a fortnight. LOL...LOL..LOL.. Okays without any further to do here is some new stuff in the Moo Two Store for you today!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Basket Layer Styles

Color Palette Designs

Oriental Touch

Lizard Dau Designs

Mud Bunnies Add On

KatLen Kreations

Spring Masks

Mud Bunnies Kit

After the Rain

Happy Scrap Arts

A Little Birdie Scrap Set

Robin's Printables

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Designer Spotlight KatLen Kreations

Oh wow Easter is sooooooooo close now!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEkkkkkkk!! No chocolate for me however but I did promise myself one hot cross bun! LOl..LOL.. I will not be posting anything over the Easter Holiday period but I will be back fresh with some amazing digi scrapbooking stuff just for you when all the fuss is over with. Whew!! But for now have I got an awesome sale for you to celebrate our Katlens Designer Spotlight. She is of course our famous mini goat mother and her designer name is KatLen Kreations. Please join her in her store for 50% off all new product for a short time.

Moo Two Designs Store

Katlen Kreations Store

Mud Bunnies

Games Night

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Easter Stuff that Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Wooowwwweeee do we have some awesome easter kits and projects for you here at Moo Two Designs. There is sooo much here that I am literally skimming the top of the pile. But without any further to do here we go!!

There is some awesome new stuff from our Robin of Robin's Printables. She has some amazing ideas that you can literally get your teeth into for instant Easter Gifts.

Moo Two Designs Store

Robins Printables Store

Robins Vintage Bunnies Candy/Cupcake Wrappers

Robin's Vintage Bunnies Gift Boxes

Robin's Vintage Bunnies Purse Giftbox

That is just a taste of the lovely Robins work. There is plenty more in store for your scrapping pleasure.

Robins Printables Store

Here are a few of our fantastic designers Easter Kits. Just the perfect thing to help you make awesome Easter Cards and other projects. Come take a little lookee with me!!

Panda Bear Designs Store

Easter Morning

Easter Pail Paint Bucket and Candy Wrappers

This Be Me Scraps Store

Easter Parade Element Pack

@Jacquies Store

Easter Word Art Pack

LoriImel Store

He is Risen

Thats all for now folks! I will be back with more new and exciting stuff as well as fantastic news here for Moo Two Designs. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs

Monday, April 2, 2012

Commercial Use and Personal Use Collaboration

We have a great kit for you this month, not only is this kit HUGE but it's also PU/CU. There are personal use mini kits and CU kits in here for you to create all kinds of things. Check it out!! You won't be disappointed with A Mother's Heart.

A Mother's Heart (Click on the title to the left to go to this wonderful kit!!)

A Pinch and a Punch!

Wow it is a new month and there is lots to tell and do!! Easter is literally just around the corner and the Moo Two Store is hopping with fantastic gift ideas and bargains to be bought. Today we are going to high light a wonderful sale for you and also some amazing styles that are on special for a short time. Next post I am going to really get into the swing of things and delve deep into our stores depths for some amazing eastery things just for YOU!!

First of all one of our favourite designers...well there is actually two in this design team.. is having a very special sale. There is going to be a Happy Easter Sale in This Be Me Scraps store here at Moo Two Designs and what a whopper it is!! Everything will be $1.99 in this designers store from 2nd to the 15th of April. Wooooooooooo Hooooooo!! Shop till you drop!!

Moo Two Designs Store

This Be Me Scraps Store

Now onto some exciting specials we have on at the moment at Moo Two Designs. This is one of our newer designers but she has been around for quite some time though. I use her stuff and her styles produce the most wonderful digi scrapbooking designs I have ever seen. In fact if you have a squiz at my newest kit I am releasing in the next day or two you will see her styles in action. I could be talking about none other than Color Palette Designs. She has 3 of her wonderful
styles sets on special at the moment. Lets take a look at them!!

Stained Mosaic Glass Layer Styles

These are just so glorious you are going to want to use them over and over again!
They are 20% off for a short time.

Color Palette Designs Store

Brushed Watercolor Layer Styles

Woweee these are just amazing and I cannot think of one thing to do with them because I literally have thousands of ideas buzzing around my head. You can snag these lovely layer styles for 15% for a short time.

Bling Glitter Glamour (mixed) Layer Styles

Wow these make glitter soooooooo easy. You can make everything glittery!! So buy these and make your life bright!! These can be purchased for 25% off for a limited time.