Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Morning Everyone

I would like you all the congratulate Oreosmeow, she is our winner of the Moo Two Designs Creative Team Contest. Not only did she wow us with her awesome layouts (which I will post some below in a little bit) she is just a peach to have on the team. So proud of all the work the gals did in the contest.
Oreosmeow has won a free copy of My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software. If you have never used it or even heard of this software, go read about it. It's really great software. I really enjoyed using it and if you know someone who doesn't want Photoshop, can't afford photoshop or any of the other programs, this program is reasonably priced so that you can afford it. The one thing that I found was the best with this software was that it can read PSD files and you can convert jpegs or pngs. It really is great software and it's so easy to make layouts. I really did enjoy working with it. Here is the layout I did with the software:

Some of the pieces I used on this layout are found in the My Memories program. It comes with supplies for you to start scrapbooking right away. Plus you can add your own designs or they have some wonderful kits on their web site for sale too. Check them out. My Memories

Oreosmeow;s gorgeous layouts:


oreosmeow said...

Thank you, Oase. I'm so pleased to join the team at Moo Two!