Sunday, December 4, 2011

Featured Designer Panda Bear Designs

Boy have I got something really cool and fantastic to share with you all!! Oase of Panda Bear Designs is our Featured Designer for this part of the month and her designs are just amazing. You have to come on in and visit her store just to see all of the lovely and fun designs she has to offer. She has made this all super easy for you by reducing her prices to everything in her store to $3.00 and under. Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!! What a great excuse to go and snag stuff right now!! Sale is on from the 1st of December to the 15th! Oase is also our esteemed leader and she does such a fantastic job that we are all blessed that she is at the helm and leading our team. Thanks Oase!! Oh also be sure to keep an eye out on the newsletter for some of her fantastic freebies during her time as featured designer!

Panda Bear Designs Store at Moo Two Designs

Here is just a sample of some of her wonderful work!!

Christmas Flakes

Christmas Bling

Birthday Surprise

Painted Garden

Here are some of her fantastic kits used by our lovely CT girls!! Please if you have the time click each girls name and leave some love behind!!

Myra -using Birthday Surprise see above

Teenybop61 -using Painted Garden please see above

Thanks again for your patronage. Be sure to keep your eye on this blog for upcoming freebies. I have some quick pages for you that co-ordinate with the Denim and Daisy Freebies that were given away a while back!! So stay posted. Have a safe and well day!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs