Saturday, April 14, 2012

Designer and CT Call Right Here!!

Oh how funneee!! I was just typing the title of next months collab in the forum which is How My Garden Grows when I thought wow wish my garden was fantastic. I am not a garderner at all in fact I think I have a black thumb rather than a green one. So I thought when typing the title How My Garden Groans??? That got a chuckle out of me!!

Anyhows sweetlings down to business. Here at Moo Two Designs we pride ourself in our friendlieness and all round goodliness. We here at the farm (or some would say loony bin-nah only joking) would love to see you all at the next meeting at the hay stack (or forum).

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You can use the above linkies to navigate your way round the farm (forum). Try not to get lost because that rogue goat might try to butt you!! If you are a designer and looking for a new home please consider us! You can see the application button on the front page of the store and also for the Creative Team as well. Us animals here are soo looking forward to meeting you all!! So come on down to the farm for some fresh air (slightly scented by cow dung mixed with hay) and join us for some fun fun fun!

Oh don't forget we are now on Facebook and would love to see you there as well. Probably minus the cow dung and hay scent but plus with all the fun!! So why not join us there too or pop in and hit the like button. There is much to like in our store and our forum with such great people and fun challenges to be had by all.

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Oh oh I must not forget too that we have advertising for a small wee price in our forums. Just join us and drop a note in the forum somewhere and we will get right back to you!! I advertise there and it is fantastic to see my banner blinking away in front of me!! So come on in- I promise I will muck out the stable for you!!

Thanks soo much for reading this. I will be back with some more new exciting stuff and some sales as well!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs