Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gosh wow This is HOT!!

LOL..LOL...It is Hot here and I am hybernating in the air conditioning! Woweee we are going to have a scorcher of a summer. I was thinking what better way to spend my time than under the fan (going full bore) with the air con on, sipping an iced berocca and playing with the awesome challenges here at Moo Two Designs on the farm! (Hmm wondering what to cook for tea and also have for lunch ROFL).

Okays enough of that nonsense and back to business. Here at Moo Two Designs we have some amazingly fun challenges and some great prizes of course. So Moo Two is the place to be for some fun on the internet anytime of the year be it shivvering in your boots or sweltering in the heat! So come join us for a snippet of what you can find on the farm at Moo Two Designs.

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Moo Two Designs Challenges

Bingo on the Farm

One of the most funnest things to do is play Bingo and we at the farm pride ourselves in having one of the best Bingo moderators on the planet! Our esteemed leader Oase of Panda Bear Designs hosts our fun Bingo each month.

This is Octobers fun game.

Since our collaboration this month is all about Sweets, why not have a very sweet game of Bingo  Grin
You have till Oct 7th to get me your Bingo card or list of words. PM them me or post your Bingo card here in the forum - Bingo Gallery Folder

You need to fill your card and a participation prize will be given out to all who participate.
Here are you words to choose from.

candy bars     licorice    candy corns    marshmallows   lollipops       gum drops    gum     atomic fireballs
lemon heads   nerds     chocolates       caramel apples  smarties      gummies     M&Ms   candy buttons
candy canes   twix       sweet hearts   rock candy        dum dums    war heads    Pez       gobstoppers
life savers      jolly ranchers   sugar daddy   whoppers   tootsie rolls   sour patch kids   mary janes
caramel creams  mallo cups  cinnamon candies  milk duds  peanut butter cups  rolos  whoppers   cadbury
wax lips    soda caps    candy necklace   pop rocks    taffy    circus peanuts   cotton candy   Pixy Sticks   runts
cow tails   wax bottles

Good Luck and have fun.

Sugar Rush in the Store

Here is an example of a really cool Bingo Card made by our Ayla-

 OOOOOh here is something that is heaps fun this month!! The Barnyards Around the World Challenge!!
Join us in our Virtual travels to other farms (places) around the world. See and learn about animals you have never heard about. Find out about all sorts of weird and wonderful facts. Join us for a challenge travel extravaganza that most only dream about!!  This awesome challenge is hosted by the lovely Tina and I promise you will have fun with this one. Here is what it is about this month-

Wow I can't believe it is October. I had grand ideas of finishing my challenge LO's for September and then all of a sudden the month was gone. Well hopefully I can do better this month. Anyway, I was thinking about candy, {if you have seen the preview for the collab this month you might know why.} LOL Ok to be serious, I want you to think about candy. It could be your favorite kind, it could be candy you make (a favorite recipe), it could be about a candy company you have visited or in my case would like to visit. I would love to visit Hershey Pennsylvania and take my nephew, or go to the jelly belly factory. There is a candy store in Anchorage that you can watch them making chocolates and they have a chocolate fountain.

here are some sites that might inspire you
top 10 chocolate destinations:
candy factory tours:

have fun, can't wait to see what you come up with, although I am gaining a few pounds just typing this, (ha ha). 
Here is a fabo page done by our wonderful Katlen of KatLens Kreations!!

Okays I will be back with some more goodies. Until next time please keep safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs