Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Designer Call and Much Much More!!

Wooooooooo Hooooo MOOOOOO!!! Are you interested in joining one of the most exciting and friendliest groups on the net? If you are here is what you do!! Go to the home page at Moo Two Designs- You will find the linkie below. Look at the left column and find Our Team under this heading you will find Designer Application Form. Click on this and it will take you to a page full of all the information you may want!!

Moo Two Designs Home Page

Some New Stuff!! Wait there is more!! LOL..LOL..LOL...I love sounding like the Demtel Man. Yep there is more!! I have been a bit slack lately. Real life has been getting in the road for sure this past week. But I am here to make amends for neglecting you all for a little while. Here is some fantastic new stuff in the store. Blush blush and a new kit from me too!!

Moo Two Designs Store

OOOOOOOOOOOOh to start with we have a kit from our newest designer in the barnyard. The lovely Carmen or Lightning Bug Creations as she is known and Little Spooky in the forums. This kit is just amazing and perfect for those summer holiday snaps. It is chock full of elements with heaps of detail and realism as well as all the papers you might need to scrap your special summer memories. Keep an eye on this designer her kits are where its happening!!

Lightning Bug Creations Store

Summer Afternoon Mini Kit

Next there is a few new things from our Roberta of Color Palette Designs. First of all there is some awesome overlays with Butterflys from her Design Your Own Series. Gosh who could not have enough butterflys in their kits? I certainly can't and these are perfect to add to your designer stash and make your kits shine amongst the very best.

Color Palette Designs Store

Design Your Own Butterfly Swirls Seamless Overlays

Bling! Mini Birthstones Kit Emeralds May

Woweeeeeeee I just love Roberta's Styles they are just awesome!! These Emerald ones are just beautiful and are soo versatile. I can see them being used for Saint Pattys day kits or for anything that needs that hint of fantasy and magic. These are soo lush and rich you can just about wear them!!

Bling! Star Spangled Layer Styles

Gosh these are just amazing!! Just right for designing 4th of July kits. Not only are they perfect for American themed kits but can be used for any country with a blue red and white flag such Australia, Britain, France and New Zealand. As with a lot of Color Palette Designs kits there is always more. Here she has thrown in a free gift with purchase. Now that is awesome!!

Note here though they are layer styles for photoshop 7 and above.

 Hey last but not least there is me!! My newest kit is called Are We There Yet?? Have you ever been in the car with the kids going on a long car trip and from the back seat you hear yelled at you every 10 seconds ARE WE THERE YET?? >LOL..LOL..LOL.. The classic car trip with the kids in the back seat. The inspiration for this kit comes from the word art I made describing all of the things that you can do on a road trip. I sat down and typed out a page of words like eyespy, coffee, snacks, games, conversation, chat etc etc etc. I then tore it up and created pieces of the kit from the paper shapes I made. This kit solves all of your needs for scrapping road trips of any type. Its bright cheery colours make for cherished family memories. The darker papers offset the bright rainbow transparent elements that you can find here too! There is sooo much fun packed into this one kit you will be using it over and over. Please have fun with this!! Enjoy!!

Lizard Dau Designs Store

Are We There Yet??

Please be safe and well. Cheers from all of us here at Moo Two Designs!!