Monday, June 25, 2012

Woweeeee!! New Stuff!!

Hellooooooooos there you all!! Hope you are all having a good week! I have some amazing stuff for you today and I cannot wait to share with you all. But first things first. Just to let you all know I am going out of town for a few days and I don't know if I will be able to post or not. I have a wi-fi thingy but it all depends on the reception of the area I am in though. But if I get desperate dear blog I can visit the local McDonalds and use their free wi-fi. I hope they have some. I am led to believe that all McDonalds do. Anyways back to business.

Our lovely Collab called King of the........? is soon to be replaced by an even more amazing collaboration by our most talented designers. I know I have been working on my part for some time to bring you something hopefully you will all love. Now is the time to pick up King of the...? for the measely price of $8.00. Not long yet and that opportunity would go poof!!

Moo Two Designs Store

King of the....?

New Stuff 

Wowee I am soooo amazed at the beautiful work we have to share with you today. The designers have been busy whilst I was designing for the collaboration for July. We are soo blessed to have with us a new designer. Her name is MerCas Designs. Keep your eyes open for heaps of wonderful stuff in the store from MerCas Designs. I just know we are in for some treats and here are some now!!

MerCas Designs Store

CU Bottle Cap

Butterfly Word Art

Flip Flop Daze

Flip Flop Daze Quick Pages

Acrylic News Alpha

Charred Alpha

CU Tim Turkey Template

Okays I think I have done my quota for today. There is many more new stuffs in the store so I will be back tomorrow with a whole bunch more for your viewing pleasure. Go check out MerCas Designs store and have heaps of fun!! Until next time keep safe and well. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs