Saturday, September 22, 2012

Alert!! Alert!! New Stuff in Store NOW!!

Wow gosh gollee!! There is sooo much new stuff at the Moo Two Designs store at the moment I might even have to break this into two posts one today one tomorrow. I am soo excited about this!! Every time I click on the new stuff at Moo Two Designs it is just like christmas with a surprise around every corner! So I will make you wait no longer. Here is the new stuff here at Moo Two Designs-

Moo Two Designs Store

New Products

Happy Scrap Arts

In the Mountains

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Fruits

Mizfit Mania

Miss You

This Be Me Scraps

CU Treehouse

CU Old Shoe Houses

CU Eyelet

CU Wicker Garden Furniture

Robin's Printables

Robin's Trick or Treat Scrap Set

Thanks for reading this!! I hope you enjoy all of the eyecandy we have for you today! I soo love seeing all of the new stuff our designers have to offer. It is like opening up a bunch of plain paper bags to find something bright new and fun!! Until next time please keep yourself and your family safe and sound!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs