Monday, October 29, 2012

Please Excuse Our Dust!!

Hi there all!! Hope you are having a tremendous good time getting ready for Halloween. We here at Moo Two Designs are having a bit of a clean out and just in case you did not know the Store will be shut on the 30th of October for maintenance. But we will be spick and span and up and running on November the 1st though and ready with our doors open wide for you all to come and get your Halloween goodies!!

Moo Two Designs Store

Oh I knows whilst the store is down you can come and join us in the forums for some awesome challenges and fun stuff!!

Moo Two Designs Forum

Our wonderful designing duo is having an awesome Harvest Sale at the moment and when the store is back up you can go and shop the This Be Me Scraps store for a short time and purchase anything there for $1.99. The sale is on from October the 21st to November the 3rd. Plenty of time to go and check out their amazing kits and awesome commercial use stuff!

This Be Me Scraps

Thanks soo much for being with us. I have not blogged for a while because of health issues but I am back and at em ready to go. Here is a funny for you-

 A man is rushing to a hospital from a business trip because his wife has just gone into labor with twins, and there is a family tradition that the first family member to arrive gets to name the children. The man is afraid his idiot brother will show up first and give his kids horrible names. When he finally arrives at the hospital in a cold sweat he sees his brother sitting in the waiting room, waiving, with a big dumb grin on his face. He walks unhappily in to see his wife who is scowling and holding two little babies, a boy and a girl. Almost afraid to hear it, the man asks, "What did he name the girl?" "Denise" says the wife. "Hey that's not too bad! What did he name the boy?" "De-nephew."

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. I will be back later with some new stuff and some news of course. Til then please keep you and your family safe and sound. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs