Sunday, November 18, 2012


Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am soo excited to be sharing this wonderful news with you!! In celebration of Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Miss Moo has decided to have 2 fantastic sales. This Be Me Scraps our wonderful designing duo is also having an amazing sale on their store at Moo Two Designs. So now is the time to come and do some serious Digital Scrapbooking Shopping!! Check it OUT!!

Moo Two Designs Store

This Be Me Scraps Store

World Traveler Kit and Parts

I thought a Joke might be in order for today so along with our excellent shopping opportunities here is a joke for YOU!! Don't forget to keep the date for the fabo sales here at Moo Two Designs!!

Here they are to make it easier for you!!

Cyber Monday Store Wide Sale- 26th of November
This Be Me Scraps Store Sale for Thanksgiving- 22nd to the 5th of December
This Be Me Scraps World Traveler Sale- 25% off the World Traveler Kits

A blonde had just gotten a new sports car and was out for a drive when she accidentally cut off a truck driver. He motioned for her to pull over.
When she did, he got out of his truck and pulled a piece of chalk from his pocket. He drew a circle on the side of the road and gruffly commanded to the blonde, "Stand in that circle and DON'T MOVE!".
He then went to her car and cut up her leather seats. When he turned around she had a slight grin on her face, so he said, "Oh you think that's funny? Watch this!" He gets a baseball bat out of his truck and breaks every window in her car. When he turns and looks at her she has a smile on her face. He is getting really mad. He gets his knife back out and slices all her tires. Now she's laughing. The truck driver is really starting to lose it. He goes back to his truck and gets a can of gas, pours it on her car and sets it on fire. He turns around and she is laughing so hard she is about to fall down.
"What's so funny?" the truck driver asked the blonde.
She replied, "Every time you weren't looking, I stepped outside the circle!"

Okays I hope you liked the little joke!! I will be back with some new stuff  from our fabo store!! In the meantime please keep yourself and your family safe and sound. Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs