Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whoooot Whooot November Challenges!!

Whoooooooot whooooooooot!! Hey there ya all we have some amazing challenges in our forums. Perfect for YOU!! Come have some fun with us and our designers and fabulous Creative Team. There is sooo much to chose from you will not be disappointed!! Here is a snippet of some of the fun!

Moo Two Designs Forum

November Lyric Challenge with Kara of K-Joi Studios

Since it's November and we here in the US have Thanksgiving, I wanted to used lyrics that fit the holiday.

I loved Natalie Merchant when I was in college (and still do)  I made a scrapbook for my grandmother using these lyrics (from the song Thank You), years ago.

For the challenge, you can use any part of the lyrics - whatever inspires you! (Click on the link above to be taken to the thread)

I can't wait to see your layouts!!

This sounds like soooooo much fun. So why not join the lovely Kara and make some awesome pages with the theme Thank You and the lyrics from the song. It could be the beginning of a beautiful scrapbook just like  Kara made for her grandmother.  What an awesome way to be inspired and to say Thank You to all of your loved ones!!

Thank You!

November Chow Time!!

Woweeeeee here is such a fun  challenge you are going to want to do this one over and over again. Sheesh at the end of it all you will have yourself an awesome digital recipe book full to the brim with the yummmiest recipes around. Come join our Marion for some foodie scrapbooking fun!!

Hi Everyone, my name is Marion (aka Mizfit Mania).

I am fairly new here at Moo Two and looking forward to seeing all your fabulous recipes!

This month I would like too see recipes with the main ingredient beginning with 'A'

Please upload your layout the the Chow Time Gallery.
Give credit to designers, font maker, etc.
Don't forget to come back here
and give us the link, so we can go leave you some love!

If you would like to share your recipe please include a link to your download here in this thread.
(You might want to ensure you use a clear, crisp font if you are sharing!)
Please, if there is no download link do not take a copy of the recipe!

Here is an example of a page I did a while back!! (Credit to Kara of K-Joi Studios)

Country Side Print Ad Challenge

Now here is a challenge that will get the mojo juices running!! This is also a challenge run by the lovely Kara. Here she choses an advert of some sort and your challenge is to scrap a page in the same way!! Well see below for an example and click on the linkie for more information!!

Pumpkin Patch

Okays this is just a snippet of what we have to offer. Go and check out the forums (Click on the link at the beginning of this post) and have yourself a Moo of a time!! Until next time please keep yourself and your family safe and sound!! Cheers Liz of Lizard Dau Designs